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I've booked or created a show using RMS Creator. How do I share this content with my cast or ensemble?

Here's a video tutorial that breaks down the steps below.


  • Sign into your RMS Account

  • Locate and click on your show

  • On this screen you should see a link for "Unlock Instructions", click it. You'll be redirected to a Booking Information page

  • Send this link to your cast

Student/Cast Member:

  • The cast member should download RMS Coach or RMS Mix (whichever platform you as the teacher used to create your show). During installation, they'll be asked what show they want, they should pick one of the offered titles as a "placeholder", i.e. "21 Chump Street" if installing RMS Mix, or "Annie Get Your Gun" if they're installing Coach

  • After installing, they'll open up the software and run the trial for whatever placeholder show they installed

  • Inside the free trial, at the top of the screen they'll see a menu item for "Account". Here they can opt to sign in/create an account

  • After this, they open up the Booking Information page the teacher sent them and click the Access Link; our Accounts website will talk to the student's computer and put the proper credentials into place

  • From here, the student can go back to our software, click Tools > Show Management and they'll see the teacher's uploaded content.

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