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Getting setup as a general user in RMS Coach

For those who prefer their getting started steps in text form rather than video -

  1. Download RMS Coach from this page.

  2. Look in your Downloads folder for the RMS Coach installer. When it's finished downloading, open it up.

  3. The installer will ask you a number of questions; select the following answers: "Your Own Musical Content", "General User", "Update from Internet"

  4. You'll be told when Installation has finished

  5. Now, there'll be an "RMS Coach" icon on your desktop. Double click it to launch the program.

  6. You'll be brought to a window that reads "Welcome to RMS Coach". And have 4 options. Choose the "Show Management" option

  7. The Login window will appear. You can Log in with social media (Facebook or Gmail account) or create a unique account for our site (by clicking Login with Email and then Sign Up)

  8. After successfully doing either of those things, you'll be notified by the RMS Coach application that you have successfully signed in

  9. Go back to RMS Coach

  10. The Show Management Window is open here, and it should be blank.

  11. Now it's time to click the Access Link supplied by your Director. If they have not sent you an access link, close RMS Coach, have them email it to you.

  12. Once you click the access link, you'll be brought to a web page that confirms you now have access to your director's show data

  13. Go back to RMS Coach

  14. Double Click on the folder that has appeared in the Show Management window

  15. You'll see a show file, or multiple of them, in this folder with little Cloud icons next to them. You can click on them to sync them from the cloud.

  16. After that, the Cloud Icon will turn to a Lock icon - click it

  17. Now you have your show open, you're logged in and you can play it back on your own, or be brought into an RLS session by your director

  18. When done using RMS Coach, close it. Next time your director wants to do an RLS session, all you must do is double click the RMS Coach icon on your desktop.

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