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What is a MIDI Conductor Track? How do I create one for my custom show?

A MIDI Conductor track is a a MIDI file that contains meter and tempo information (a tempo map) that pertains to a recorded audio project. It may be displayed and used for navigation in RLS or RMS Mix Custom Shows. These files are certainly helpful for seeing or interacting with meter, measure, beat, and tempo elements in your show, but they are not required for your custom show build. Also - with the latest version of RLS, you do not need to provide a midi conductor track to create markers.

These files can be created by exporting them from the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in which your audio files were created. Note that every DAW might have it's own unique methodology for generating the conductor track. If you recorded your audio previously without a click, some DAW's like Logic Pro have beat mapping capabilites.

Here's a guide for how to export a MIDI conductor track from Logic Pro:

  1. Create a midi track in your project. Remove, or make sure that it doesn't have an instrument plugin to generate sound when triggered.

  2. Use the pencil tool to draw a midi region in the midi track. extend the region to encompass your project range.

  3. Draw a single MIDI note in the piano roll of the midi region.

  4. In the file menu, select export > All MIDI tracks as MIDI files.

if you're unsure on how to generate one from your particular DAW, do a web search for the name of your DAW (Cubase, Abelton Live, etc) and the phrase "How to export a conductor track".

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