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I'm hearing an echo of myself during my RLS session?

There are only a couple of reasons this could be happening. One, is the possibility that you're running Skype/Zoom/etc while also running an RLS session. Running multiple video conferencing sessions at a time is not recommended (even if you mute the mic/video/etc in the other program). Close out of any video conferences in Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts/etc before starting your RLS Session. We realize you may want a way to keep in contact with participants while setting up/troubleshooting a session, and recommend you use a text based message/chat app instead.

The second reason this could be happening is because one of your participants is either not wearing headphones, or their headphones are too loud and too close to their microphone.

Think of it this way - if a participant is not wearing headphones or has their headphones too loud and too close to the microphone; you as the director are hearing your own voice, going thru your participant's speakers and back into their microphone.

  1. Make sure everyone is wearing headphones.

  2. Everyone should test to make certain that audio is coming out of the headphones and nothing is coming out of the computer speaker.

  3. If the director is still getting an echo after checking this, see if you can isolate which of your participants is sending the echo. You can mute individual participant feeds in the Mixer view of RLS.

  4. Once you've determined which participant(s) is giving you the echo - have them turn down their volume or move their head further away from the microphone they're using. The problem should abate.

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