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No one in RLS can hear me. How do I fix my microphone so that it works in RLS?

RLS users must utilize a compatible microphone, and it must be selected, as well as set appropriately to receive the right level of sound from your voice or instrument.

You can check which microphone is selected by opening the preferences of the RMS software, and then selecting the audio tab. Note that some microphones are not compatible with our software, and are therefore not selectable in the dropdown box for microphone.

Note that if you are using an audio interface, you must use input 1 for the microphone. If a mic is plugged into any other inputs, it will work in RLS.

Once a compatible microphone is selected, its input gain must be set appropriately to accommodate the sounds source (a voice or instrument). This setting depends on the hardware used, and can exist as a physical knob, or be set in accompanying software on the computer it is used with. If this setting is too low, you may not be heard, or heard faintly. If this setting is too high, the sound may be distorted.

You can check to see if your microphone is working, and if the level is set appropriately by going into a personal live share session. Do this by selecting Live share from the tools menu, and when testing the microphone, look to see if there is any visual feedback in the meter of your channel strip.

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