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What are 'Hybrid' shows?

For many years, Sinfonia was limited to sample based content. The great thing about sample based content is that it can be manipulated; sped up, slowed down, transposed, cut up, moved around, etc. It's what makes Sinfonia, Sinfonia. There's no better compromise in a live theatrical environment - especially when paired with a handful of live players.

That said, in the past couple of years, we've started to create live band recordings as well - live recordings which, although they will always sound superior to their sample based counterparts, can't be manipulated in the same way.

Shows that feature this are: Footloose and Sound of Music. If you have one of these shows in Sinfonia you'll notice that if you go to File > Open, there are 2 show files included. One with the suffix "Sampler", the other with the suffix "xHybrid". If you want fluid tempo control and the ability to make edits across your show, your best bet is to use the "Sampler" show file. If you are more looking for a "hit go"/"hit stop" kind of experience with supreme audio fidleity, use the "xHybrid".

While you can technically do some editing in the "xHybrid" show file, the tech behind it is a bit 'bleeding edge' and prone to mishaps if you edit too heavily. If you're looking to have control over some songs while using the recorded band tracks on others, we may be able to help but it will require some back and forth so it's best to reach out to us.

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