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My organization purchased an RMS Coach license, but I can't unlock my copy. What do I do?

Usually the problem is one of three things:

  1. You are not entering your license number properly. Near the bottom of the user information screen, there's a question: "Has your organization already purchased this program?" If you answer "Yes" to this question, you'll then be able to enter your license number (CCH-xxxxxxx), which will in turn allow you to move forward with the unlock process.

  2. You are attempting to type the code manually, rather than copying and pasting it. The code is quite complicated, with lots of opportunities to mistake characters (0, O, l, I, 1, etc.) The way to be sure there are no mistakes is to copy and paste it from an electronic source, like an email or saved text file. For that matter, you might as well copy and paste all the details, to make absolutely sure they are consistent.

  3. The wrong show is loaded. Maybe a show from a previous booking is in place. Also bear in mind that some shows have multiple versions (Cinderella vs. Cinderella {Enchanted}, Joseph vs Joseph Mega Mix, etc.). When you run the free trial, is the correct show file in place? You can view the title at the top middle of the screen. If not, you'll need to Tools > Get Shows, and download the correct show. If you have multiple show files in place on your computer, you can switch between them in RMS Coach via File > Open. Once the correct show file is in place, try unlocking again.

If you are still having trouble after following the points above, please call us at 212/620-0774 for more troubleshooting.

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