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Which sounds are programmed into RMS Keyboards? Can I use RMS Keyboards to cover my missing instruments?

RMS Keyboards is 100% faithful to the keyboard sheet music which comes with your show. All of the sounds listed in the printed materials are represented in our programming.

RMS Keyboards, however, does not include sounds not listed in those keyboard books. If there is a sound effect of a whistle mentioned in the libretto, but not specifically called for in the keyboard parts, RMS Keyboards will not have it. But if the whistle sound is listed as being played by Keyboard 2, then it will be there.

In addition, RMS Keyboards is not designed to cover for any other instruments in the orchestration other than the keyboard parts. So if you do not have a bass player, and desire a bass sound, RMS Keyboards will not have that bass sound (unless the bass sound is listed in the keyboard books).

If you are missing instruments from your orchestra, and wish to have those parts represented, you should consider our product specifically designed for this: Sinfonia.

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