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How do I order RMS Keyboards for my production?

Purchasing of RMS Keyboards is done through the trial version of the program itself.

  1. Download and install the trial version for your specific show onto a computer you intend to use for performance.

  2. Open RMS Keyboards

  3. As your RMS Keyboards license will entitle you to a finite amount of machines to run the software on (enough to run each part on its own computer with 1 extra license for a backup computer) it's best to test your hardware with the trial before purchase. You can always reach out to us with questions via our Web Contact form.

  4. Upon launch of the software (and available under the Help menu if you're running the free trial) is the Purchase or Request Code option. This is how you will begin the ordering process.

  5. Fill out the requested information and hit the "submit" button.

  6. We will confirm your rights and send you an invoice that can be paid by physical check in the mail or credit card online.

  7. Once payment has been received, we will send you an unlock code for the program.

NOTE: For an RMS Keyboards booking, each computer requires a unique unlock code.

Please note that your license grants you a limited number of non-transferrable unlock codes (typically the number equals "the amount of keyboard parts in the show" + one backup).

Before requesting or unlocking, please carefully test each computer/keyboard setup with the free trial to confirm successful operation - checking for and fixing issues like Latency.

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