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I'm playing the sounds - and they all seem distorted or they're cutting off suddenly as I hold the notes down. This wasn't happening before. What happened?

If you leave the RMS Keyboards program running a very long time (like leaving it on overnight), the samples can become corrupted in the memory. This will cause them to play back incorrectly and sound wrong.

The easy solution for this is to quit out of the RMS Keyboards program when you are not using it- for example, quit out of the program after you have finished the show, and relaunch it when you're ready to start the sound check for your next performance. This will ensure that the samples in memory are fresh and not corrupted.

WINDOWS SYSTEMS: Some sound cards come with drivers which do not support the full capabilities of RMS Keyboards. If you launch RMS Keyboards, and you find the sound is especially distorted or echo-y, we recommend using an external audio device, or simply using another computer with better built-in sound hardware components. For our recommendations on audio devices and computers, look for the "computer" and "sound" sections on our hardware recommendations page.

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