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Can I install RMS software on a computer without internet?

Yes you can!

We’ll break this down into two parts: backing up and loading.

Backing Up:

  1. Using another computer connected to the internet, download your particular product from our website.

  2. Stick the installer onto your desktop (we’ll need it later).

  3. Run the installer package.

  4. After the install is completed, you will be prompted to sync your show (RMS Show Delivery or SDU) and your samples (RMS SampleSync). Follow through both processes, selecting "download from internet" and then select "sync selected show." This process can take some time complete.

  5. Once you’ve succesfully downloaded both show and sounds, reopen RMS Show Delivery (you can find it in your Applications/Program directory or search for it on your computer).

  6. This time, choose the option “Backup Show Delivery Data”; just put the data on your desktop. The file created will have a tag .rmssdu

  7. Run RMS SampleSync with the option “Export to other Media”. Once again, select the desktop. The file created will be called RMS Sampler.

  8. Now, move these 3 files (the installer, the .rmssdu and the RMS Sampler folder) to a flash drive. Bear in mind, the RMS Sampler folder can be quite large. You'll probably want a drive with at least 10GB free space.


  1. Insert the flash drive into the computer without internet and move the files to the desktop.

  2. Install the software as you did in step 3 above.

  3. After the installation, you will be prompted to run RMS Show Delivery.

  4. This time, instead of Download from Internet, you will select “Restore from Backup” and select the .rmssdu file.

  5. Then RMS SampleSync will run. Instead of Download from Internet, select “Import from Other Media” and select the RMS Sampler folder.

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