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My Windows computer has 4GB RAM installed. But I'm getting a message that I don't have enough. What's going on?

Sinfonia requires close to 4GB of available memory. However, even if you have 4GB of physical RAM installed, the amount of memory you have to work with may be substantially less, depending on the way your computer is configured. Many factors, including other programs, number of user accounts, network protocols, etc. can eat away at available memory.

Here's a link to determining the amount of RAM that is available for use.

Recommendations to resolve:

  • Try stripping away extra user accounts and background processes. Quit all other programs. This will free up more available memory and may be enough to get you going.

  • Install more RAM. This is usually an inexpensive proposition. RAM prices fluctuate, but at last check you could double from 4GB to 8GB for about $30. And on many computers, installation is easy.

  • Try a different computer with more RAM. 4GB is our minimum spec, but more is better.

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