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My previously-unlocked computer reverted to trial mode. What do I do?

There are a number of reasons this could happen:

  1. The program was reinstalled.

  2. Virus and/or security software on the computer may have erroneously altered some of our configuration files.

  3. The entire computer was reconfigured.

Most of the time, you can reactivate your license simply by reentering your contact details and unlock code, just as you did originally. (Don't forget about your contact details. Leaving out this step will interrupt the process.)

If you have more than one show on your computer, you may need to switch to the correct one.

In the third scenario, we may need to take additional steps and/or generate a new unlock code for you. For example if your hard drive was wiped clean, our data was probably also erased. If your original unlock credentials do not work or you are have having other difficulties, please contact us for direct troubleshooting.

Regarding virus/security software, we continually add safeguards to protect against such erroneous manipulation of our data. However, there's no way to program around the infinite variety of things a third party might do. So a better approach would be to turn off the virus/security software while using our resources. If you're worried about any resulting vulnerability, you can temporarily turn off Internet access while using our resources.

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