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How do I move my changes between computers?

There is more than one way to move your changes between computers.

The classic way involves using the Backup and Load function within the software, and you'll need either an online file sharing app (dropbox, google drive, etc) or a USB thumb drive to move the changes between computers. Here are the steps:

  1. Once your edits are complete in Sinfonia/RMS Keyboards/Coach, select "save as" from the file menu. Name the file accordingly "ShrekEdits040518" or something to that effect.

  2. Next, go to the tools menu, and select "Backup". You will be prompted to name and select a destination for the backup file you are about to create. It is recommended to name the show after your organization, and then select the desktop as a destination. Click on "ok" when complete. Note that this "Backup file" is actually a backup folder - containing all of your showfiles (including the one you're looking at now that you've renamed)

  3. Next, you will need to transfer the backup file to the destination computer. This is most easily acheived using a usb flash drive. Simply drop the backup file that you just generated onto a usb flash drive.

  4. Next, connect the flash drive to the destination computer. Drop the backup file onto the Desktop.

  5. Now launch the application (Sinfonia/RMS Keyboards/Coach) and select "Load" from the tools menu. You will be prompted to select a backup file - select the one you've copied to the desktop.

  6. You'll be asked which show file you want to open from this backup folder, select the one we custom named in step 1.


The 2nd way relies on using our accounts system.

  1. Launch whichever software you're editing (Sinfonia/RMS Coach/RMS Keyboards).

  2. Make sure you are logged in with an Account (top Menu bar, on the right, it will give your account name or it will just say "Account"

  3. As mentioned in the previous method, name your edited showfile something unique so it's easy to track on other computers (i.e. ShrekEdits10_03 or SoundofMusic_CastB, etc)

  4. Under Tools, click Share Show Data

This method uploads your local show files to the cloud.

  1. Go to the other computer and launch the corresponding software

  2. You should be logged into an Account here as well and unlocked with the same order number (SNF/RMSKB/CCH)

  3. Click Tools > Show Management

Here you'll find a folder that contains all of your show files that you shared from the other computer. You can download and utilize them.

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