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I've unlocked my first Sinfonia or RMS Keyboards computer. How do I unlock others?

With Sinfonia and RMS Keyboards, each computer requires a unique unlock code. Thus, your original code will not unlock more computers. To unlock additional computers, you must request a code from each computer separately.

The unlock codes are automatically generated and entered through the process outlined below. Please note that your license grants you a limited number of non-transferrable unlock codes. Please carefully test your computer with the free trial prior to unlocking to confirm successful operation.

  1. Download and install the software from our website onto the computer you want to use.

  2. After installation, launching the program will present a menu of button options. Select Run Trial Version to test the software and confirm it works properly on that computer.

  3. If you are happy with the performance of the computer in question, select menu Help → Purchase or Unlock. Alternatively, you can quit and relaunch the program. In either case, you will return to the original start buttons. Click Purchase or Unlock.

  4. If you have not already logged into your RMS account, you will be presented with a log-in screen. If you are the same person who unlocked the first computer, log in with the same credentials as your first computer (Facebook, Google, or email address). Doing so will automatically unlock your additional computer(s).

  5. If you do not have an account or you are someone other than the original purchaser, you can unlock via the User Information screen by selecting "yes" to the question of "has your organization already purchased", then entering the order number (SNF-, RMSKB-, etc).

If you edited your show file, click here to learn how to move those changes between computers.

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