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I have the RMS Mix add-on to go with my RMS Coach booking, but the RMS Mix code doesn't work. What's going on?

Usually the problem here is that the wrong content is loaded.

It's important to understand the content for RMS Mix can vary, even for the same title. Click here for more information about this. If you downloaded RMS Mix separately from RMS Coach, you might have accidentally loaded the standalone orchestral content for your title. This is different from the RMS Coach add-on content and will not unlock with the code we gave you.

Your RMS Mix unlock document includes important links similar to the text below. These links will take you to detailed instructions, including video walk-thrus of the unlock process. Please be sure to follow through with these instructions so you can load and unlock the correct content.

Usage & Unlock Sub-Links

All the instructions below are important. But some may only apply to certain members of the organization. Please click the appropriate link from the options below.

  1. IMPORTANT PRE-UNLOCK STEPS that must be performed at least once.

  2. Unlocking Desktop Computers and Laptops (MacOS or Windows).

Note: You'll need to export at least one show before you can start using RMS Mix. Item 1 above walks through that process. Here's some additional information.

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