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What can I do to ensure a great performance with Realtime Music Solutions?

Glad you asked! We want you to have a great performance with our products. Here's a checklist applicable to the use of all of our software.

  • Always have a backup computer ready to go and make sure to load it up ahead of time with your customized show file. Here's how to unlock additional computers.

  • If you've made edits/changes to your show, make sure you've transferred those changes to your backup computer(s).

  • Try to run our software by itself - as in, close all other programs on your computer. This ensures your RAM is being put to good use.

  • When you're finished with our software, close it properly. This means actually Quitting the program, not just closing your laptop. If you close your laptop with our software running - corruptions can happen. How do you Quit the right way? On Windows, click the (X) in the upper righthand corner. For Mac users, click the software name in the upper lefthand corner and then click Quit (or type the hotkey ⌘Q).

  • If you're doing an all day rehearsal, Quit the software when you take a break. Leaving the software open for an hour without using it (and potentially letting your computer fall asleep with the software open) can lead to corruptions and odd playback. Quit the program and reopen it when you're ready to go again.

  • Piggybacking on the last instruction, check the power settings on your computer. You do not want your machine ever falling asleep while running performance software.

  • Make certain your computer is plugged in at all times (and you have dedicated power). Never run off of battery power alone when using performance software.

  • Test out your computer and all of your hardware in the space in which you're going to be performing. You may be running great at home making edits. You may be running fine in the rehearsal space. You may then move into the theater and have a myriad of issues due to dirty power, the theater's audio system and anything else that's unique to that space. The first time you run our software in the performance space, with the theater's audio equipment, lighting rigs, etc, should not be the night of your first performance.

  • Give your computer a restart before performances to reallocate RAM.

  • Close the software at intermission and reopen it before starting up again (it's been working very hard for your production).

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